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Flavoured Black Tea

No other type of tea shows so clearly that tea enjoyment is one of the most exclusive and stylish pleasures of all: because what tea culture means becomes impressively clear, especially with black tea. From the flowery aromatic-fine flavour of a Darjeeling to the rich full-bodied Sri Lanka tea from the UVA growing region, the fine fragrance, the aromatic taste and the fantastic play of colours fascinate connoisseurs and laymen alike. Each of the countless varieties tells its own story - of the country of origin and its climate, of treatment by expert hands, of refinement through aromas or concentration on pure purity.

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Blackberry Black Tea Blend

Product no.: Ft0022

from 4.75 / 100 g *
1 kg = 47.50 €

Earl Grey Classic Natural

Product no.: FT0026

from 6.50 / 100 g *
1 kg = 65.00 €
In stock

Black tea blend with orange peel, flavoured.

Product no.: FF017

from 5.90 / 100 piece(s) *
1 kg = 59.00 €
In stock

Spring Fragrance Flavoured black tea blend with herbs and fruit pieces

Product no.: FF018

from 4.15 / 100 g *
1 kg = 41.50 €
In stock

Black tea blood orange natural

Product no.: FF019

from 4.45 / 100 g *
1 kg = 44.50 €
In stock

Indian Ocean natural Black tea with herbs and fruit pieces, flavoured 100g

Product no.: FF020

from 5.90 / 100 g *
1 kg = 59.00 €
In stock
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