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Tea accessories from our tea trade.

Tea accessories from our tea trade.

                               Gourmets take note:

Treat yourself to specialities such as Bois Cheri tea and fine tea accessories from our tea shop.


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Hourglass Sylt for Green Tea

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Cups, glasses, mugs,made of porcelain and ceramic

                                              Cups, glasses, mugs


                                                      Porcelain and ceramics


                     Porcelain and ceramic are classic materials for making mugs, teapots 

Tea for your own tea or as a nice gift !

                                             Tea caddies


                                   made from high-quality tinplate 


             Tea perfectly and safely packaged!for your own tea or as a nice gift

Tea strainer/tea filter / high quality and long service life.

                                       Tea strainer/tea filter


                    High-quality strainers and filters with a long service life.

Miscellaneous tea accessories

                                   Miscellaneous tea accessories



                                 Nice articles that are indirectly related to tea


                                                       Here you will find all articles about tea

Tea Sets - Gift Sets

                                            Tea gift sets

                                  are perfect gifts for many occasions.


                                        For friends - colleagues - acquaintances

Stanley thermo mug

                                                  Stanley thermo mugs

                            For hot drinks on every outdoor adventure.


                        keeps hot drinks hot for up to 1.5 hours cold drinks cold for up to 3 hours.

Stanley thermos flasks

                                             Stanley thermos flasks


                            It keeps absolutely tight, incredibly long warm or cold


                                        The perfect companion for everyday life and adventure.





                                                   The samovar is used to prepare tea



                                                            which is anchored in many other cultures.